Many people need help in developing their health beyond the treatment of specific conditions or situations. This portion of my practice is dedicated to aiding patients in their quest for better health through education, coaching and referrals.

What exercises to do, how to do them correctly, when to do them, and what the appropriate progression should be are common questions from patients. Learning the way in which one´s body communicates about its needs can be critical to a patient´s success and satisfaction with any exercise or activity program. Many people encounter unforeseen difficulties when beginning an exercise programs or their exercise is somehow imbalanced. Perhaps it is a matter of execution of specific movements. Other times, they want to "go fast" and their bodies simply aren´t prepared. I offer patients analysis and instruction on the kinds of things they can do to productively and effectively enhance their exercise results.

Often, people who live with allergies continue to use materials or do things that exacerbate their conditions. Through diet, nutrition, and environmental changes, many can experience fewer and less severe symptoms. I provide the analysis, education and encouragement needed to improve the patient´s experience.

Increasingly, we are subjected to toxic substances everywhere we go. Sometimes we experience an obvious, single dose. Other times, we may be unaware of our exposure, especially in low level, long-term situations. Whatever the source or type of exposure, the body will need help in dealing with it. Nutritional treatment is often key and other strategies may be helpful. Among them might be a change in an environmental element. In cases where you don´t control your environment, there may be ways to protect yourself from the negative effects of the exposure or help the body deal more effectively with it. After analyzing the situation, I can offer treatments for handling a current exposure. I can offer advice on what to do to reduce such events in the future, or perhaps a patient can learn what to do to enhance his or her body´s ability to handle more easily these occurrences. Whatever the situation, I offer ways to help alleviate the patient´s symptoms.

Related to nutrition, this is an area where people may need assistance in learning what foods and eating practices will improve or enhance their health. I provide the guidance and encouragement needed to make the choices and changes patients desire.

There are times when the specific services I offer may not be what a patient needs. Working within an extensive network of other health care professionals, I can provide contacts and background information that will enable patients to find the best fit for their needs.