In order to understand the nature of this portion of my practice, it might be helpful to think about the way the body works. Your body needs certain things to operate. If you want to maximize its function, you have to provide the things it needs to operate at that level. If you are not feeling well, there may be ways in which nutrition can help the body heal itself. If you have been exposed to some kind of toxicity, nutrition may be able to aid the body in ridding itself of the noxious substance. Perhaps it´s a matter of changing your activity or exercise routine. Here, too, nutrition can aid the body in its function.
In addition, as we go through our lives, both day to day and year to year, our body goes through many processes and changes. Aging, illnesses, accidents, or pregnancy; a variety of life experiences occur to most of us. The world, too, is continually bombarding us with things. All of this means we live dynamically, in ever changing situations. The needs of our bodies, therefore, also change.
Good nutrition provides the body what it needs, when it needs it. While it may seem a simple thing to know what we need and provide it, the reality is that knowing and providing can be a challenge.
I use a variety of approaches to learn what a patient´s body needs. One way to discover what the body needs is through the analysis of one´s blood. A reputable lab takes a sample and provides me with the chemistry report. I then examine it carefully and can make suggestions about what nutrition would improve the blood chemistry and ultimately the health and function of one´s body. Another approach is through Applied Kinesiology. By muscle testing, I can learn what a patient´s body will require to meet the needs of her or his day to day life.
Among the materials I look at for supplementing the body´s current state are: vitamins, minerals, oils, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, and herbs. These are the kinds of ingredients that can provide the body what it needs to function well. Once we have helped the body do its work, we can rely on its intelligence to use the supplements productively. Sometimes, further work is needed, as the body completes one task and moves on to another or as situations change. I monitor the body´s function and make adjustments to the supplements as needed.