Traditional chiropractic offers a system of therapy that focuses on the nervous system. It is through the nervous system, and its ability to function as the monitor and manager of one´s health, that a variety of systems are affected. Among those systems which benefit from this kind of care are: the endocrine system (glands), the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, the working of the bones and the muscles, and the nervous system itself. The manipulation and treatment of the structures of the human body serve as the foundational strategy for chiropractic. In particular, we focus on manipulating and adjusting the spinal column and the extremities.

Another dimension of the healing therapy is alignment. Bones and muscles can be put out of alignment through everyday activities and stresses. By manipulating and stimulating the body, the body is supported and assisted in regaining healthier function.

In order to effectively and accurately diagnose various conditions, I use applied kinesiology. Kinesiology is a method of muscle testing by which one can evaluate various bodily functions. It presents an accurate picture of how the various systems in the body are working or not. With this information, I can more effectively develop a treatment plan to aid in the healing and health of a patient.